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So… I still haven’t given up on getting an engineering job. I have time at work to sit down and clearly analyse the situation.

I need a resume that distinguishes myself from others. I am thinking about a cd-rom to hand in… Like an artist would do to showcase their profile.

But what would I put in it? How can one showcase technical jargon? I am thinking about that.

But for the details of the multimedia, i think I’ll use flash or shockwave. Its professional feel and lack of virus associated with it should put most people at ease.

Still, what kind of presentation do I put on it?
My end of year project was filmed by the TA. Maybe I can get that.
I also have a few sound file as well as the test data results from the project I was on in Taiwan, I believe I can put up some type of presentation for it.
The last problem is, how am I going to present these.

Maybe a self diary will do.

I can even include my dance competition movies as a presentation if they ever want to find out what I do on my spare time.

I realize that this is a big project and I am not very skillful in flash or movie making. But at least it’s something to do during all the spare time I have… which is not much.