No change

I didn’t tell people in my real life what happened, I didn’t do anything outrageous nor did I buy anything flashy to show off. Life just carried on like before as I am too busy dealing with the wrap up of winning. So it is probably safe to say that anything anyone felt from me recently is due to some unconscious change in my behavior or my hormones are releasing something new. I try hard to stay the same, but judging from other people’s behaviors towards me, Something changed.


It has only been two days since things finalized, but already, I am seeing a difference. When I ask a girl to dance for a song later. She actually held out and refused two guys while waiting for me. Whereas before, they would just go with whoever asked them NOW.

When women whom I’ve interacted with leave the venue that I am in, they make a point of coming by to where I am to say bye.

Girls initiating the hookup. In particular Germans. I’ve always liked Germans. For some reason, we just click. I’ve asked other Asians and this does not seem to be a widespread case. So it’s not like the case with Italians where for some reason I still haven’t figured out, they really like Asians. How people treat me in Europe felt very different while I was there visiting. The Germans are still very easy to get along with, but I thought this was an Geographic phenomena isolated to Europeans living in Europe. However, I still feel the same kind of treatment when I interact with Germans (1st and 2nd gen) in Canada. So this has something to do with their upbringing that transcend geography.

A lot more accidental boobs touching not initiated by me which, after interrogating many women post coitus, is actually not accidental.

The interesting observation from this is that only the younger (~25) and hotter women (7+) do this. The women below seem to have disappeared. Which is fine by me as I do not notice them anymore nor do they attempt to interact with me.


Men doesn’t give me crap anymore. Nor makes jokes that uses me as the source of the joke. Part of it is the threat of violence from finally having muscles. The threat of violence has always been there before what’s new is the fact that men make a point of saying hi to me when passing me by. I remember thinking “Why are they bothering me?” When these started happening because I was so used to being ignored.


I am pretty used to being ignored and have the time to myself to go really deep into any particular train of thought. The new reality for me is that it is getting harder to have these times as I get interrupted more often. I also used to make sure that I respond to everyone no matter how important or urgent their requests are. I will respond or help out even if it doesn’t benefit me. The new reality is that there are too many requests and some of these requests will take a lot of effort from me while not benefiting me in anyway. The result is that I only have enough time to field requests that directly benefits me and interests me.

Most of my success are from acts of selfishness where I focus the outcome solely on benefiting me. So it is strange when looking back that I used to expend so much effort doing things for others that doesn’t benefit me at all. I used to believe in good Karma that comes back and toiled away without thanks. This change comes from the realization that people are cunts. The majority will shit on you without a thought and everyone believe that what they are doing is good. Even the bad guys. Yes, I’ve reached peak cynicism and based on history, I reach my greatest achievements during peak cynicism due to my unwavering desire to hurt anyone who opposes me.



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