The drug gang prelude

I had just came back from my 4 years of wandering with the final part focused on meditation to increase my understanding of my own spirit. The reason why I came back has to do with a tenant who’ve been having parties weekly that always ends with the police getting called on them. This and several incidents of property damages.

Being a landlord at this time in Canada is a thankless job. You are hated by everyone and the rent doesn’t covers all the expenses. That with tenant friendly laws, I’d steer everyone away from starting down this road. One mistake in filling out a form and you are unable to get any compensations for damages.

Did I mention I just came back from a spiritual journey? Yes, I was full of hope for humanity and decided to do everything as if all parties intend to do good. So when the mother of the millenial I rented the unit to stepped forward to do the negotiation, I agreed to drop the charges for repairs and just have them move out. Little did I know that the little girl would renege on the agreement and go for the nuclear option.

So between the two months when I served them and them moving out. There were more parties and drama about witholding rent. Lots of accusations including “ant infestation” because taking 2 weeks is too long to wipe out the ants…

Then after they moved out, I got served to appear in court because they did not received their deposit back… 1 months later I received the returned mail because they gave me the wrong address. I thought that was the end of it after I got their consent to drop the case, little did I know how many shitty maneuvers you can pull. By not cancelling the court date, I was forced to still appear with all my evidence prepared, transcribed and witnessed (because if you do not appear, default judgement goes to them). An ordeal that took both time and money.

This brush against the law gave me an insight on how we got to where we are today in Canada. I learned that, any oral agreement is not useful in court even with recordings that both party consented. Text messages does not work that well either. Oral agreements can be recanted later by simply stating that they changed their mind. The burden of proof is on the more honest party and when you have nothing to lose. The law cannot touch you as the end result of most civil lawsuits are monetary compensations that cannot be collected. People can lie without consequences and the consequences does not translate to punishments that hurt.

If anything that should turn me off from being a landlord, that should’ve been it… Did I say that I just came back from a spiritual journey and is filled to the brim with love and goodwill towards mankind? This was my emotional state that explains what I decided to do next and caused me to completely lose faith in people and turning more and more to the darker side.


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