Merit only exists for the 1%

Another day, another experiment completed. It is kind of sad to learn the truth but it is how the world functions.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I got hired here, the then manager wanted me to move to a supervisory role. I asked to wait 3 months before deciding. 3 months later after a manager change and all previous conversation forgotten. I get to see whether or not the world works on merit.

The current manager is not a person of the same race as me. I watched in horror as one good candidate after another who applied gets turned down and only those of the manager’s race gets hired. Then something happened. A new hire of the manager’s same race is on the fast track to be a supervisor. It wasn’t that I was bypassed that is behind this sad feeling, but the disillusionment that arises after my pessimistic view of the world gets proven right again. Two other workers of my race quit a while before me, I guess they felt the change a lot sooner than me. Thinking back, a lot of the fun was also because I was working with a core people that comes from my own race. I didn’t feel as excluded.

At this moment, I am very sure that if the situation were to repeat and I was interviewed by the current manager, I would not have been hired.

That’s when it hits me. That anytime I have ever gotten into a position of significance, it was always because of help from someone of my own race. Merit for an immigrant of any country does not exist. The only option is to start my own and also to help only those of my own race.


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