I was never able to get a customer facing job in my youth. I had a hunch that it is my inability to speak the language fluently but was never able to prove.

Now that I am fluent in 3 languages and have experiences that basically over qualifies me for the positions I am applying for (I don’t put it on the resume), I am sure that it is the language problem. What happened since I got this job, is that I managed to learn my job at half the time of a normal candidate (said by manager) and was right away offered a supervisory role. This, is how qualified I am.

Still, I was not able to get myself hired by any white manager. I got lucky and was hired partly (I suspect) by a manager of my own ethnicity. Looking through the data I gathered from the interview responses I received, I am now disillusioned from the dream of a truly “equal” Canada. Yes, it is more equal and treat other races better than everyone, but I should not be so naive as to believe that it puts me on equal footing with the local white population.

On the other hand, I’ve noticed a definite change in attitude of people towards me now that I am 165lb and at 11% body fat. I get away with a lot more shit and get a lot more attention from women. To any stranger, nothing about my personality or knowledge matters. The one thing that matters on first impression, is looks.

Just like that. I have accepted reality and will be working towards improving the superficial aspect of my life.


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