Backpacking through Morocco: Day 8

It takes about 1 full day of work to produce one entry in the Travel series. Enjoy.

Part 8 of the Morocco backpacking series: Backpacking through Morocco

Day 8: Drunk on laughter

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By dusk, the silence of the sand is absolute. When the wind stops and the last drum beat still lingers in the air, I was suddenly aware of how alone we are in the middle of nowhere. Nobody said a word as we each became aware of the deafening silence. Then, one by one, as if drawn by instinct, we looked up towards a familiar yet alien sight that none had seen before. The crescent moon is upside down.

I was finally able to fall asleep under the desert moon. It was a clear Arabian night invigorated by its upside down crescent, the moon beckoned to my primal instincts in a foreign whisper. Nothingness just IS, the sand consumes all but the heaven.

When I finally woke up, sand had gotten into everything. Wherever there’s moisture the sand follows. My eyes, my armpit and every pores of my sweat gland that dared to secrete anything resembling water… and my crotch. They drink with the thirst of souls trapped in hell and I wondered how the American couple fared in their attempt to have sex the night before…

The shot I used to enter a photography competition, now that I have a nice big monitor, I can see how edited it looks for people with good monitors.

Ania, our protagonist of the day, with Band of brother type effect

Also starring: Dorota and Mark


Peace corp

Ania Moszko



Oranges split: 1 Dh
Bus to Fes split: 220 Dh
Water split: 3 Dh
Bread split: 8 Dh
Hotel split: 60 Dh
Phone card split: 20 Dh

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